BFS Agro+

BFS Agro+

Plantation Management System
“BFS Agro+” is an Integrated, flexible Plantation Management System, which is running at various estates at India and Africa. It is New Generation, Powerful, Super-efficient, Flexible, Business Intelligent and easy to use. It is designed as a comprehensive solution to automate the business activities of Plantation Business. It is suited for Plantation and Post-Harvest Management of crops like Tea, Coffee, Timber, Macadamia, Rubber etc. We cover all the business processes on the plantation from Nursery establishment, Replanting, Field maintenance, Harvesting, Manufacture, Warehousing and Sales. Our MIS integrates information from all the estate modules to help the Manager keep total control of expenditure and the budgetary provision. The System is integrated with Laptops, Tablets, PDAs, Mobile Device.

All our modules self-generate reports that are designed to give vital information on production and productivity on a daily basis to facilitate efficient decision-making. “BFS Agro+” will consolidate information from the estates to your corporate office to eventually provide the Company with its P&L and Balance Sheet. We facilitate corporate control in the areas of purchase, marketing and financial management against budgetary provisions. Our product comes equipped with a powerful Executive Information System that will enable the CEO to analyze Company performance as an overview with options to drill down to the estate and even field level for deeper insight into productivity, production Sales Performances etc.

The user-friendly features of the package have led to quick acceptability and rapid implementation. “BFS Agro+” covers the entire range of Agri-business activities and that's why we term it as a 'Cultivation to Sale' product. We have a dedicated post-implementation Support Department.

Main Modules

Budgeting and Estimation Management
Land Preparation Management
Soil Fertility Management
Nursery Management System
Planting Operation Management
Pest and Disease Management


Production Management
Marketing and Sales Management
Inventory Management
HR and Payroll/Wages Management
Fleet & Workshop Equipment Management
Management Information System
Financial Accounting Management