BFS Sme+

BFS Sme+

Small to Medium Enterprises
This ‘SME’ is a Business Intelligence Product, which is running efficiently at various Small and Medium sized Enterprises. It is a Smart Solution for Trading, Manufacturing & Marketing Establishments and a complete solution for the unique business processes and needs of the Super Markets, Electrical Shops, Tiles, Furniture and Provisional Stores. It is ‘GST’ compliant. The software will handle all the needs in most Efficient, Effective & Accurate way.

This software is committed to provide the best supporting system for the SME’s upgrading itself from time to time according to the market needs. It provides a rich compliment of functionality for managing your Inventory, Accounting, Manufacturing, and optimizing the use of your Automated Storage and Retrieval System(ASRS) for smooth functioning of SME’s. The software is more Reliable, Economic, Intuitive, Intelligent, Machine Integrated, and ‘GST’ Compliant. The simple, versatile, functions and flexible design of the software makes it easy for you to navigate through interfaces. It can be a Local or Hosted Model (Hybrid) with cost effective and customizable up to any extend.

Affordable solutions ideal for your SME’s business practice. We have incorporated Business Boosters like Dash Board, Data Import/Export/e-Mail, SMS, Touch Screen facility in the software. The Information is Exported/Imported as digital media to Stake Holders (Suppliers/Customers) Via internet in the form of Excel, Csv or Xml format. The next generation financial accounting system is user-friendly and super- efficient. The Integration with the routine work and procedures that can be used to follow all the financial transactions made. The user can identify the sales, purchase during a certain period of time. The system has the ability of producing financial reports at any time. This will help the officials of SME’s to check the financial growth of the organization. The System is integrated with Laptops, Tablets, PDAs, Mobile Device.

Salient Features & Benefits

N-Tier Architecture, Comprehensive Reporting Style, Easy Centralized Backup options, Graphical Presentation of the Data for Top Management for Analysis, Authentication & Verification of entries through Audit Trail Facility, Integration with Barcoding, Interface with SMS & E-Mail Systems, Intuitive (Smart Interface), Minimal Cost of Ownership, Paperless, Business Functions are Made Easy, Customizable and Expandable, A Delightfully Easy to Navigate Dash Board, Information in a Flash, Easy to use, Communicable (Documentation-Help), Ample Technical Support, Hassle Free, Accountability, Audit Trails, Instant Alert of Stock and Accounts, Optimize and Streamline your Inventory, Speed, Accuracy, Reliable, Efficient, Overall Improvement in Business Reporting and Management, Increased Productivity in Order Processing, Multiple Counter/Location/Shift facility, Follows FIFO Method, Support different costing methods & discount/subsidy methods, Weighted Average Stock Costing Method, Revenue by Payment methods – (Cash, Cheque, Credit Cards, Benefit Cards), While billing system will trigger an alert on expiry date (Perishable Item) well in advance in different colors (Green, Yellow, Orange) depending upon the age of the product, Automatically Generates Purchase Order, Search option - Product group, Product, shelf etc., Barcode Management, Pack Conversion as per customer choice, Based on Quantity, automatic selection across batches (Perishable Item), Multiple Drill Down Option, For perishable item Near Expiry and Selling Lock Facility, Centralized Purchase, Multiple Store Location, Tracking sales done by a particular sales man (Salesman Liability), Reminders for product low stock, product short, ABC (Categorization), XYZ (Little Variation, Steady Turn Over) Analysis on Inventory, Fast moving item (FSN Analysis), Slow moving item (FSN Analysis), Link to GST Web site and E-filing of GST Return, Inventory to Accounts Integration, Currency Conversion, Plenty of Information System Reports

Main Modules

Supplier Management
Customer Management
Product Management
Purchase Order (Online)
Purchase (Online, Offline)
Purchase Return
Pack Conversion (Bundling, Unbundling)
Sales Order (Online, Offline)


Sales (Online, Offline)
Sales Return
GST Management
Credit Note
Expiry Management (Perishable Goods)
Transfer of Goods
Stock Management (Raw Materials, Finished Goods)
Manufacturing Control
Management Information System Reports
Financial Accounting