Web Services

Content Management System

Our CMS development team is extremely good at sensing the exact requirements of the customers and building SEO friendly sites right within the budget. We work towards creating a distinct identity for you over the web and make sure that our design facilitates easy-navigation and excellent browsing experience. Our development experts perfectly apply the existing plugins to suit your needs and develop customized plugins for your complex requirements. We have satisfied customers all across India, Middle east and Africa – We grow on referrals and stop at nothing other than the word ‘Perfect’.

E-commerce Web Development

As a renowned E-commerce web development company, Web designing and development has always been our major area of business and we excel in every department of web development. Though we operate from Kerala, our word-of- mouth publicity has attracted many customers around India, Middle East and Africa. We are extremely good at understanding your exact requirements and tailoring a solution that perfectly fits your needs. We are an E-commerce web development company in India known for our close-knit team of experienced web developers, creative web designers and software professionals. The never-die hunger of our team allows us to learn and experiment with new technologies in web design and web development. The out-of-box thinking and unwavering dedication towards offering worthy web solution have made E-commerce Web Development Company stand tall in the market.

Content Writing

The artistic design, HI-FI technologies and every other attribute you choose for your site just builds a platform to portray your business before the world – Content is the cream of your site, something that advocates your business in the online world. Our team comprises of a content team that gives emphasis on content writing as we understand how important it is to impressively present your business before the world. We are experts in SEO based content writing. We do thorough research on every topic we write and prepare easy-to-read, attractive and informative content

Graphics and Branding

We are a group of dynamic, creative, experienced graphics designers and branding solution providers. We take pride in creating meaningful, engaging and memorable business identities that are admired all over the world. We have benched graphic designing experts with artistic talents to come up with logos and designs that surpass your expectations. We are a well known branding company with vast experience in working for business entities of all range. We are experts in formulating customized branding solutions that can help you target the most potential customers and take your business to new heights. We create identities that later turns out to be symbols of success.

Digital Marketing

In this Internet driven world, social media marketing is the most effective and rewarding strategy to reach your targeted audience. Our team in Kannur, Kerala is here to help you make best use of digital marketing strategy to fuel up the growth of your business. Our social media marketing team has experience in bringing up a wide variety of businesses operating in different parts of Kerala through the magic of viral marketing and we understand what strategy best suits the nature and area of your business. Established in Kannur, Kerala BLUEFOX SYSTEMS has instantly become a prominent player in the field of social media marketing with a strong client base all across Kerala.