Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning

BLUEFOX SYSTEMS specializes in ERP software and develops high quality solutions for medium and large sized enterprises. We define ERP as an enterprise re-engineering solution, that uses the latest management methodologies and techniques to integrate IT processes across company divisions and departments in order to help organizations perform better, smarter and productively. ERP system or Enterprise Resource Planning, is a business management system that integrates the entire activities of the business viz. operations planning and administration. Suitable for optimizing internal business processes of Hospital, Clinic, Carry Forwarding Agency, Whole Sale Stockist/Distributor, Retail Pharma, Plantation, SME’s, Hotel/Resort/Bar/Restaurant, Educational Institutes, Manufacturing, Human Resource & Payroll, CRM etc. Integration of data across the enterprise ensures greater visibility in all areas of your business to the strategic decision level. Our E.R.P is a perfect Solution for all the needs of your enterprise business needs. ERP can help you administer your entire business using just one software. The integration of information from different areas helps in making effective decisions & increases both productivity & efficiency.

Some of our E.R.P Solutions are as follows

Health Care Solutions (Domain)

  • Hospital Information System – “HealPro+”
  • Clinical Information System – “HealPro Clinic+”
  • Carrying & Forwarding Agencies (C & F Agency) System – “HealPro Cfa+”
  • Stockist/Distributor Management System – “HealPro Chemist+”
  • Retail Pharmacy Management System – “HealPro Pharma+”
  • Medical Laboratory Information System – “HealPro Lis+”
  • Medical Representative Information System – “HealPro Ris+”

Mobile Application

  • Sales Order Processing System

Other Domains

  • Hybrid Business Solutions for SME’s
  • Plantation Management System
  • Human Resource Management System(HRMS)
  • Educational Information System (Schools, Colleges, Institutions)
  • Resort/Hotel Management System
  • Bar & Restaurant Management System
  • Easy Tech Engineering System
  • Internet Café Management System
  • Personnel Diary Management System

Key Features

Bugs Free, Hassle Free, Scalable, Robust, Reliable, Efficient, Secured, Maintainable, Portable, Consistent, Multi User, Multi Location, Multi Currency, 100% Data Security & Accuracy, Parameterized Settings for any business needs, Hybrid (Online & Offline), GST/VAT Compliant, Graphical Presentation of the Data for Top Management for Analysis, Built in Work Flow Management for all Functional Areas, Export, Import Data in Xml, Excel, Csv format, Streamline all operations of an organization, Single Integrated view of all entry and reporting level, Easy Query Handling for instant decision making, Connectivity to Multiple Locations of Organization, Comprehensive Reporting, Drill Down Facility, Multi Row Selection, Hot Keys for to Switch Over from one form to Another, Software/Role/User Password, Freezing on any Date, Any Report Printing from Anywhere, N-Tier Architecture, Built in Work Flow Management for all Functional areas, Authentication & Verification of entries through Audit Trail Facility, Effective Search Facility to Search any type of information, Bio-Metric/Smart Card Integration for Attendance and Security Purposes, E-Mail, SMS Alert System, Interface with electronic devices such as display boards, Mobiles, Laptops, Palmtops etc., Easy Centralized back up options