BFS iCafe

BFS iCafe

Internet iCafe Management System
“BFS iCafe+” is an Internet Cafe Management System, which is running efficiently at Hi Tech Internet Cafe. The system will fulfill all the requirement of HI Tech Internet Café. This software controls the time usage of your computers and game consoles. Easily manages customer accounts, security program use, client remote control and many options for high security. The System is integrated with Laptops, Tablets, PDAs, Mobile Device.

    Cyber Cafe is a place that offers customers with Hi-Speed internet access, computer video games and other interesting and useful services considering the world of computers. This is a program that helps you easily manage your Internet Café business. The software has an ability to protect your client PCs from customer’s eventual wrong computer use and it takes special care about your Internet Cafe Business profit. Cyber Cafes, need only Hi-Speed internet connection not Hi Speed client machine. This software gives you an option to add more types of Internet software like Messengers (MSN, Yahoo Messenger, Skype etc.). Internet Cafes usually offer only the internet access and some basic windows programs, Internet Cafe software can be used to disable computer games and allow only programs required for the Internet to be active. With this Software you have an ability to choose which programs your customer can use on your computer

    Privacy and secured Internet use is one of the most important spheres for your customer. Most of less experienced computer users do not know that each computer has a session history and that everything remains stored there. Our product – Internet Cafe software has a great feature of clearing history of visited web sites, deleting internet temporary files at the end of client computer using. It is simply and automatically done after a user finishes with computer services. In the case that your customer does not close the used programs before finishing with computer use, Internet Cafe software will close all the programs automatically and make computer fresh for your next customer.

    Sometimes your customer would like to print downloaded document or burn it on CD or DVD. Internet Cafe software plug-in named ‘Printer Tracker’ continually control client computers and detect if anything is printed. In this case, automatically certain amount of money for printed documents is added to the customer’s bill. One of the most important options for Internet cafes that offers Internet access is bandwidth control. Bandwidth Manager can be integrated with Internet Cafe management software, has an ability to limit the time restriction of downloading and uploading, and customers can be granted time limit for download. Another important option in Internet Cafe software, related with the Internet access, is the ability to additionally charge if your customer downloads more than it was previously specified. If your customer exceeds permissive bandwidth quota, additional amount of money for exceeded bandwidth will be automatically charged.

Main Modules

Server Modules

     Authentication Module
  • A core module that defines the part of the processing control of server. Authenticating the users who are all invoking the server
  • Getting the requests from the users and perform the function according to them
    Networking Monitoring Module
  • Defines the status of the clients. This is to know about the network status
     Accounts Status Module
  • Defines accounts status of the clients. This is to know accounts status

Client Modules

     Login Module
  • A core module that defines the part of the processing control of server. Authenticating the users who are all invoking the server
     Session Module
  • To view session status