HealPro Pharma+

HealPro Pharma+

Retail Pharmacy Management System
This is comprehensive solution suited for Retail Pharmacy Management. It is Powerful, Reliable, Super-efficient, Flexible, Business Intelligent, Economic, Intuitive, ‘GST’ Compliant and easy to use. It is specially developed for Medical Retail Shops, Pharmacies or Medical/Drug Stores. It is the Complete Solution for the Unique Business Processes and Needs of the Pharmacy. This Software for Individual Shop or Retail Chain is designed to Handle all the Needs in Most Efficient, Effective & Accurate Way. The System is integrated with Laptops, Tablets, PDAs, Mobile Device.

HealPro Pharma+ Software is committed to provide the best supporting system for the Pharmacy Business upgrading itself from time to time according to the market needs. The incomparable After Sales Service and Training Support is the key behind its success. It covers every aspect of medical retail business. It includes all features for online billing, inventory management and accounting up to finalization.


  • Built on N tire architecture.
  • Online (Internet based chat/Email/Remote Access) & Telephonic support through our dedicated call centre.
  • Very simple to use. No computer course is required. Workers in your shop can start using it within a few minutes.
  • Numerous short cut keys for quick operations. Helps to handle many customers during rush hours.
  • Includes features to enable to handle multiple customers on one computer.
  • Includes almost everything that is required to effectively manage a retail medical store.
  • Numerous features & check-points are programmed into software to avoid/minimize losses at the time of purchase, sale, expiry claims, and multiple MRP stock of same product, near expiry of similar drug, un-settled claims, purchase order and other operations.
  • Many features for management of narcotic products.
  • Includes complete accounting up to finalization. Avoid all time, money & efforts for maintaining separate accounting. Just feed your regular transactions. ‘HealPro Pharma+’ will automatically maintain all accounting transactions.
  • Many features for managing inventory. Features include expiry handling features, non-moving & slow moving products, generating purchase orders, etc.


  • Various features & alters for similar drugs
  • Numerous methods for generating daily purchase orders – manual order book, minimum level based, sales quantity based, etc.
  • Conversion of purchase order to purchase bill.
  • Data Exchange (for automatic feeding of purchase bills) facility between Retailers & Wholesalers
  • Drill down or Zoom in facility for almost all reports. Helps in getting very clear understanding of the data shown in reports. Very flexible reporting – search, sort, export any report.
  • Bulk SMS feature provided.
  • Barcode enabled. Can use company barcodes on products.
  • GST/VAT ready.
  • Total independency.
  • Download setup anytime.
  • Data recovery tool in rare case of corruption due to sudden power failures.
  • Simplest method of closing financial year.
  • Integrated Backup & Restore

Main Modules

Supplier Management
Customer Management
Product Management
Manufacturer Management
Purchase Order – Online(Can Send Order with Company product details), Offline
Purchase (Local & Interstate, Online(Direct Import To stock), Offline)
Purchase Return & Settlements
Sales Order – Online(Mobile, Tab), Offline
Sales – Online, Offline (can send Sales bill in different formats like XML, CSV, and EXCEL etc…)


Sales Return
GST Number Validation (Special Feature)
GST Management (Latest Updated Formats)
Credit Note
Debit Note
Stock Management
Transfer of Goods
M.I.S Reports
Financial Accounting