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HealPro Lis+

HealPro Lis+

Laboratory Information System
This ‘LIS’ is Power full, Machine integrated, Super-Efficient, Flexible, Business Intelligent, Artificial Intelligent, ‘GST’ Compliant and Easy to use and is designed to deliver real conceivable benefits to Clinical Laboratories. The system will handle tests on Hematology, Bacteriology, Bio Chemistry, Endocrinology, Serology, Virology etc. This ‘LIS’ is a software based system used to manage all modern’s laboratory operations. Most of these systems manage the order entry, result in entry, patient check in, specimen processing, patient demographics that is accessible to authorized users only. The System is integrated with Laptops, Tablets, PDAs, Mobile Device.

This ‘LIS’ automates the Clinical Laboratory, Administrative and Overall Functions and enables the HealthCare providers to enhance their operational effectiveness, consequently reducing cost and medical errors, while improving quality of health care. This ‘LIS’ has been designed to make efficient use of the common User’s capabilities in any health care facility. It is designed in a very flexible and easy to use manner, based on a GUI (Graphic User Interface) application. The Lab Interface is considered the link between the healthcare professionals and the devices used in making the lab investigations. This communication is done automatically where the clinician system sends all investigation orders and requests related to the lab straight forward to the lab devices, which in turn issues the results of each investigation and sends it again to the sheets specialized for keeping these results and save it in the patient’s medical record. In this manner, the laboratory system will be able to keep records of patients’ encounters with the lab, and make the results visible to healthcare practitioners.

Main Modules

Laboratory Management
  • Lab Team Management
  • Registration with Specimen Collection (In House-Outside Patients)
  • Test Orders
  • Lab Test
  • Test Result Entry (Defined Range, Actual Result, Flag Abnormal Result)
  • Result Verification
  • Result Approval
  • Print Results
  • Lab Machine Result Details
  • Outside Lab Reports
  • Lab Settings – (Font Settings, Print Alias, Header Footer Option, Coordinates, Registration Settings)
Lab Billing
Inventory Management (Purchase, Consumption, Stock)
Financial Accounting System